Photo Day Tips+Hints

Dear Parent/Administrator/Coach/Team Mom-

We are excited to provide another years worth of exceptional Team and Individual Photography for the your athletic program. I’ll give you a high-level brief on what to communicate to your parents:

  1. Note your CHECK-In TIME. This is the time that we expect to have the athletes lined-up and ready to BEGIN the individual photographs.
  2. Samples of the products are shown on the order envelope, but if you wish to see them before completing your order, they will usually be on display at the photo session. If you are interested in seeing the product, please come early enough so that you will have your order completed prior to photo time.
  3. As always, we’ll shoot the individuals FIRST,  immediately followed by the team picture.
  4. Please have your parents fill out the order form COMPLETELY…BEFORE they arrive at the field.
  5. If a parent has more than one child, we need separate payment in each envelope. This includes brothers/sisters/cousins, etc.
  6. Only players, coaches and the Team Mom will be allowed inside the shooting area.
  7. If you request a particular pose for your child, we will do our best to accommodate, but if the photographer advises against it, he probably has a valid/good reason.
  8. REORDERS are more expensive than the first run prices offered on our envelope, so buy as many photos as you anticipate a need for. Your satisfaction is guaranteed so you can be assured of good photos.
  9. Photos will be returned to your Coach in about four weeks. They will then be given to you. If a longer than normal amount of time as passed and you haven’t received you photos…..check with your Coach/Team Administrator before contacting our Customer Service Center at 888-726-3336, Ext. 5
  10. Some organizations use our PRE-ORDER system, please click HERE to go to the listing page for pre-orders